Cursed Eclipse

You and I are forever cursed
Like the moon and sun in the sky
We shall never trully meet
I would forever bask in your heat
Looking at you over my shoulders
Drinking you in
Illuminating my darkness with your reflecting light
And should I ever find you
Only misery would follow
For I shall darken your bright world
Even for a few minutes
And yet!
Just when I think I’m close enough to grasp you
The tide shall pull us apart.

~Farzanna Pasha

Please make sure you order my book “Never Forget You” on Amazon published July 4th, 2017


Never Forget You

In exactly one week from now my debut book will be releasing and I decided to put a sneak peak below. Please make sure you pre-order my book “Never Forget You” on Amazon coming out on 4th July!

A hand trailing up and down my back woke me up. Burying my face into the warmth of my pillow, I let out a moan of refusal to open my eyes.

“It’s getting late Kate and we have brunch at my parent’s house in an hour,” Nathan’s raspy voice said as he placed small kisses along my naked shoulders. “If you don’t get up in the next five minutes we are going to be late for an entirely different reason than waking up late and it will be all your fault,” he said as he pulled me into his already hardened length. 

My eyes flew open as his arms snaked under my hips. I rolled over and pushed his hands away. We were late for the last few brunches at his parents’ house and I could not remove the blush that crept up on my face when we rang the door bell late each time.“Not going to happen again, Nathan,” I said. He looked at me with a smirk across his face and I didn’t like that look. That look always got us late. 

“No,no,no,no. Not today, Nathan,” I protested as I got up and headed to the bathroom. Talking to him over my shoulder I yelled, “We are not going to be late today, so take five minutes to cool yourself down.” I headed straight into the shower and began washing my hair. Just as I stepped under the cascading hot water to wash off the shampoo, I heard the bathroom door open and the shower curtain pulled. Turning around, I saw Nathan stepping into the shower with me. 

“I took five minutes like you said then decided to save time by showering together,” he smirked again. Shaking my head, I gave up. He closed the distance between us and placed his hands under my legs, hiking it around his waist. He pushed us under the water and braced me against the wall. Running my hands through his hair, I pulled his head towards mine for a kiss. A kiss that lasted till the hot water turned cold. 

My Debut Book

In a blog or two ago I made my big announcement of releasing my debut book “Never Forget You” on Amazon coming out on 4th July. If you didn’t read that post I’ll leave the link for that here

Now, this blog is basically my drama and what’s happening since the announcement of this book. 

Let me first start off by saying I was suprised about how much support I received when I made the announcement. I am very happy to see how much people believed in me and congratulated me. For that I want to say Thank You!

But then there is my parents. Not that they didnt support me in my debut book, I just feel like they are over supporting me; if thats even a thing. And let’s just be clear here, I appreciate that they believe in my work and are making a big deal out of it.

Okay, so when I was still in the process of doing the final editing, both of my parents were informed of the writing of the book and they were okay with it. Just that, there were okay with it.  Now it’s been months and the book is due to be released in under a month and they are going bonanza!

My dad is pushing to tell Steve Harvey! Steve Harvey!!!

And I’m like, slow down dad I don’t even know if the book makes that much sense to even tell Steve Harvey. *Someone grab the remote and turn the tv off, quick!*

And my mom is telling people back home in Guyana to make sure they go on Amazon and buy the book. And it’s people who I’m pretty sure don’t really read that much to begin with. 

And I’m here second guessing myself if the book even make that much sense for all the fuss that they are making it out to be.

Someone please tell me I’m not the only one with parents like this!

Unwanted Face

I wrote this poem a couple months back although it’s incomplete I wanted to share it.

There’s a faceless face in the mirror staring at me.
I thought of it as pretty
Perfectly clear, not a part of it blemished.
No wrinkles. No scars. Not even a pimple.
A faultless master piece that god created.

I wear this face one day so they all could see,
I wanted to gloat in it’s beauty so that finally someone could see me.
The real me!

It first started with the whispers,
Then like a dark shadow it began clinging behind me everywhere I go.
Every word, every taunt, every mockery!
The dissdain looks and scorn causes me misery.

There’s a face this time in the mirror staring at me,
They say it’s pretty.
Perfeclty countoured, not a part of it hideous.
No wrinkles. No scars. Not even a pimple.
A faultless materpiece that humans created.

I wear this face one day so they all can see.
I wanted to cry with the praises I recieved with this fake beauty.
Such a pity!

~Farzanna Pasha 

Me vs. Life

Many times I would sit and wonder if life truly hates me. I have this theory that life has some sort of supernatural power to sink me so deep into the ground where there is no light for me to find my way out and no air to keep from dying of suffocation.
Now don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate life and I don’t have it in my mind to commit suicide. I love living! I love being able to wake in the morning to another new day of adventure and being able to do all you can do because life is what you make of it. You have to be willing to put 100% effort into making it however you imagine your life to be and damn all those pulling you down.
Though sometimes you have to grab onto life with both hands and wrestle with it; strangle it with all the strength you can muster and risk going down a sore loser because some endings can result with something so beautiful that you can be blinded by it. That the mere thought of it would make you shed tears of joy or gaze at it in wonder of such adoration.
Recently however, my life is playing a game of whack-a-mole, with me being the mole. Every time I find myself coming up from that atramentous ground for a breath, I would get whacked back into it with that damn mallet and each time it would take longer for me to find my way back up again. Therefore, expanding time of being suffocated.  
But every time I get whacked, it would make me stronger. It builds my resistance and harden me to the harshness of life and it would make me want to prove that I can surpass and overcome this. No matter how many scars I may obtain or how bent out of shape I may be, I will arise standing tall and a better person than I started out to be.
So life, bring it on! I’m here with my boxing gloves on waiting for you to take the first swing, waiting to show you that no matter how hard you whack at me I will come out that hole every time like a freshly water seed breaking through its coat to turn into a beautiful daylily.

Taxpayer at last!!

So, I’ve finally join the world of taxpayers!! Or in more sense, I’ve finally got myself a JOB.

Throughout High School, I was one of the few individuals who did not work part time and went to school at the same time. My parents were one of the few people who believed that their kids when in school should focus primarily on getting an education than working. So here I am, 2 years out of High School and for the first time in my life, I am working.

Now, when my parents informed me that I had to get a job, I was all for it. I was so hyped. I was going online looking for any job that would suit me and I had this idea in my head that I could work 2 part time jobs, that way I would get the amount of income that we needed to float us financially. But when reality stepped in and I actually started working, I began singing another tune.

 Today marked day six of working and I can tell you I dread it. No, I do not hate the job itself but I hate that I have a schedule in which I have to wake up and have to go to bed. Unlike some people, I love my sleep and I love reading and usually I would sleep till 2-3 into the morning and wake whenever I wake but I can no longer do that and thats what I hate about working. I hate that it limit my hours in the day in which I usually put aside for reading.

Working all in all is fun and I like that my job makes me feel important and needed. 

Tell me what is your experience in working and what you hate about it? 

Long overdue Thanksgiving Post

I know that most of my post is me saying how I have little time for my blog and me keep promising that I would try harder to make it my mission to get on top with my blogs, but I would find myself not having time! Gosh, I never realize how busy I am till I started this blog and that’s saying something because I have no job so….

Most of my time is actually taken up with my debut book, Never Forget You which I’m trying to finish before my parents get here for Christmas. I have about two-three chapters more for the book to be completed and I’m hoping to have it up on Amazon by Christmas to be pre-ordered. Yay!!! So please, please make sure to check it out when it’s published.

Okay so, Happy Late Thanksgiving!!!!

For some reason, I don’t know why, but I enjoyed this year’s thanksgiving more than the others that I had celebrated since moving to the U.S. five years ago. It was more jolly and everyone sat down, relaxed and had a great time. There was no witty comments against other family members and everyone chatted happily.

We had lots to eat and drink that I think I put on about 5 pounds that night alone but then that’s the point of Thanksgiving, right? Put on so much weight that you have to put off by Christmas or else your stuck with adding more weight by the time New year swing by. Probably that’s why almost everyone’s new year resolution is to lose weight? Hmm.. Never thought about it that way.

Anyways I just wanted to say Happy Late Thanksgiving and I hope yours was as enjoyable and delicious as mine. Comment down below and tell me what you did and if you had any family drama.

Is Disney Kids Friendly?

DisneySo, I’ve visited Disney Magic Kingdom in Florida twice now and I am shocked at what I saw.

The first time when I went, I did some research on what to wear and the whole process of what you can do when you get there and what to expect. Now I really did enjoyed myself both times. I went on a lot of rides and took countless amount of pictures; I even stayed to watch the fireworks later on in the night.

This blog however is not to criticize Disney itself but the people who goes there. 

So the first time I went there I got on on Disney’s official webpage and go through the rules, one of them was dress code. It clearly stated and I’ll quote it down below as well as the link; (click here for the link)

Inappropriate Attire 

Attire that is not appropriate for the parks—and which may result in refusal of admittance—includes but is not limited to:

  1. Costumes may not be worn by Guests 14 years of age or older
  2. Masks may not be worn by Guests 14 years of age or older (unless they are for medical purposes)
  3. Clothing with objectionable material, including obscene language or graphics
  4. Excessively torn clothing
  5. Clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment
  6. Clothing with multiple layers are subject to search upon entry
  7. Objectionable tattoos

Now I had no concerns on any of these rules except the one that I bold. I know by experience that during the summer Florida is hot so I’ll expect people to wear shorts and armless clothing. What I didn’t expect to see is big, grown ass women wearing really short crop tops, clothing that looked like a bra and shorts that are so short you can see the bottom of their butts.

And what suprised me more was that they were allowed into the park when it clearly stated that they can be refused to enter the park if they were dressed inappropriately. So Disney needs to look into the people who are letting these women into the park dressed like that.

I understand some women like to dress slutty but clearly Disney Magic Kingdom is not the place to go dressing like that.

Another thing that happened on both visit that I found surprising but I don’t know if there is a rule against it but clearly it should be, is the amount of PDAs. And I’m not taking about simple holding hands, hugging or a slight kiss here or there. I’m talking about couples who go there with no kids and are sucking faces in front of other children.

I remembered waiting in line with my niece to have her picture taken with the princesses and these two girls standing in front of us was full on kissing and holding onto each other like life depended on it. They didn’t even kiss once and that was it, it was happening every five minutes and it made me felt uncomfortable. The worst thing was there was no where else to look but at them and the line was a forty minute wait!

And then there was the time when we were in line for the tea cup and another couple was making out right there in the line. If you ever joined the line to the tea cup you would know that you can only stand one in front of the other, you can’t  stand together in a group so there was nowhere else to look. I even turned myself so I was backing them but every now and then I would have to look in their direction to move up in the line. 

I don’t know if these transgressions made me angry at the people because of my upbringing but I think if you want to go to Disney Magic Kindgom then you should dress appropriately and behave a sort of way when you know that 98% of the people there are small children. 

Does Money makes the world go round? 

Many people say that they would prefer love over money, but can you survive on love alone?

They say that once you have love then money would easily come, but in reality that is not true. Love does not pay the bills, it does not keep food on the table nor does it brings success.

Hard work and sacrifices earn money, if you have those then money is not an issue. 

Is it harsh of me to say that money does make the work go round? Without money then you are no more than a pile of s**t on the bottom of someone else’s foot. I don’t care what people say but that is the truth. 

There are many places you would go and stand in line, waiting your turn when some big shot would just walk up, hand over a 20 and they are in. They are many people who inorder to fast things up would pay to have it right away when you have to wait months.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against people who are rich. They work for it so they have the right to spend it as they see fit. 

Sometime back, my father and a friend had a disagreement over which comes first; family or money. And I have to say (not because I am bias) I agree with my father who chose money. Now you have to understand my father is the type of man who always say yes to his children when it comes to something he knows would benefit them. My father argued that without money there is no happiness in the family, he would have to look at his children in the eyes and tell them we can’t do this or we can’t have that because we can’t afford it. The guy argued that once you have your family then nothing else should matter, that family is happiness.

But my question to him was, isn’t money the number one reason why families argue and break apart? How are you going to be happy with your family when you can’t afford to even put food on the table or even buy a cake for their birthday?

Now this is just my opinion and if it offends anyone, know that it was not my intention. I am just simply saying that yes, Money do make the world go round.

Leave your response to this topic in the comment section.