Cursed Eclipse

You and I are forever cursed
Like the moon and sun in the sky
We shall never trully meet
I would forever bask in your heat
Looking at you over my shoulders
Drinking you in
Illuminating my darkness with your reflecting light
And should I ever find you
Only misery would follow
For I shall darken your bright world
Even for a few minutes
And yet!
Just when I think I’m close enough to grasp you
The tide shall pull us apart.

~Farzanna Pasha

Please make sure you order my book “Never Forget You” on Amazon published July 4th, 2017


My beloved 

I see the way you look at her when you’re with me.
And it hurts,
It hurts to know that you and me
We were just never meant to be

And I look at you
With the same look that you gave her
Like the world begins and ends at her feet,
And I wonder why?
Why are you still here with me?

And I feel the way your heart pounds whenever she enters the room
And I see the way your eyes would unconsciously search for hers
Through the throng of people,
Eventhough I’m standing right here beside you

But I’m sorry my love
For as much as I wish she was me
I will never be
And for that reason only
I’ll be setting you free

~Farzanna Pasha

Please make sure you order my book “Never Forget You” on Amazon published July 4th, 2017

My Debut Book

In a blog or two ago I made my big announcement of releasing my debut book “Never Forget You” on Amazon coming out on 4th July. If you didn’t read that post I’ll leave the link for that here

Now, this blog is basically my drama and what’s happening since the announcement of this book. 

Let me first start off by saying I was suprised about how much support I received when I made the announcement. I am very happy to see how much people believed in me and congratulated me. For that I want to say Thank You!

But then there is my parents. Not that they didnt support me in my debut book, I just feel like they are over supporting me; if thats even a thing. And let’s just be clear here, I appreciate that they believe in my work and are making a big deal out of it.

Okay, so when I was still in the process of doing the final editing, both of my parents were informed of the writing of the book and they were okay with it. Just that, there were okay with it.  Now it’s been months and the book is due to be released in under a month and they are going bonanza!

My dad is pushing to tell Steve Harvey! Steve Harvey!!!

And I’m like, slow down dad I don’t even know if the book makes that much sense to even tell Steve Harvey. *Someone grab the remote and turn the tv off, quick!*

And my mom is telling people back home in Guyana to make sure they go on Amazon and buy the book. And it’s people who I’m pretty sure don’t really read that much to begin with. 

And I’m here second guessing myself if the book even make that much sense for all the fuss that they are making it out to be.

Someone please tell me I’m not the only one with parents like this!

Never Forget You – My Debut book

Never Forget You

Never Forget You by Farzanna Pasha

This is one of my most dreamt of accomplishment to ever come true. From a very tender age, I would sit by my mother’s typewriter and make up stories that didn’t make sense at that time and I swore, when I get older I would write my own book. And here it is!

Words cannot describe how excited I am to introduce my first book ever to be written and published. Exactly one month from today it will be release and I am bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm.

I will be giving away arc in about a week from now and that has me anxious. I’m not sure I’m ready to obe criticized by my work since I how how much effort I put into it but isn’t that how authors learn? 

The book is also available on Amazon for pre-ording for $2.99 if you are interested!

Below is the blurb ! Please let me know in the comment based off on it’s description if you think I’ll be a good read.


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to wake up without any memory of who you are or even what you look like? Well I did, and it was not pretty. What’s even worse, I woke up in a hospital in Italy with no one around who knew me. Luckily for me, I had help from a kind stranger named Sam Maddox. He gave me purpose and was the guiding light in my dark days.

Tragedy struck and I was left alone once again. Haunted by a man in my dreams who made my heart ache for him and palpitated in my chest, I headed to the Golden State of California for answers. In the very first week, without any effort, I found my answers and who I truly was.


Have you ever loved someone with a love that would prevail anything; and you thought to yourself that nothing can tear you apart and then one day something does? Well I did, you see my wife Katherine, she was my world. We were happy and we were crazy for each other. She called me from work and told me she had good news and that I should wait for her at home. I waited and waited but she never did make it home. No one knew what truly happened, Katherine had just vanished.

Imagine my surprise, three years later, when I saw her across my sister’s dinner table calling herself Jane. What was more heartbreaking was that she didn’t even know who I was.

I have to make my wife fall in love with me again and to make my job harder, someone is after her. Someone is stalking her and threatening her life and all that we know is, it has something to do with why she disappeared and how she lost her memories.

Will finding out the truth pull us together or tear us apart?

Unwanted Face

I wrote this poem a couple months back although it’s incomplete I wanted to share it.

There’s a faceless face in the mirror staring at me.
I thought of it as pretty
Perfectly clear, not a part of it blemished.
No wrinkles. No scars. Not even a pimple.
A faultless master piece that god created.

I wear this face one day so they all could see,
I wanted to gloat in it’s beauty so that finally someone could see me.
The real me!

It first started with the whispers,
Then like a dark shadow it began clinging behind me everywhere I go.
Every word, every taunt, every mockery!
The dissdain looks and scorn causes me misery.

There’s a face this time in the mirror staring at me,
They say it’s pretty.
Perfeclty countoured, not a part of it hideous.
No wrinkles. No scars. Not even a pimple.
A faultless materpiece that humans created.

I wear this face one day so they all can see.
I wanted to cry with the praises I recieved with this fake beauty.
Such a pity!

~Farzanna Pasha 

Me vs. Life

Many times I would sit and wonder if life truly hates me. I have this theory that life has some sort of supernatural power to sink me so deep into the ground where there is no light for me to find my way out and no air to keep from dying of suffocation.
Now don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate life and I don’t have it in my mind to commit suicide. I love living! I love being able to wake in the morning to another new day of adventure and being able to do all you can do because life is what you make of it. You have to be willing to put 100% effort into making it however you imagine your life to be and damn all those pulling you down.
Though sometimes you have to grab onto life with both hands and wrestle with it; strangle it with all the strength you can muster and risk going down a sore loser because some endings can result with something so beautiful that you can be blinded by it. That the mere thought of it would make you shed tears of joy or gaze at it in wonder of such adoration.
Recently however, my life is playing a game of whack-a-mole, with me being the mole. Every time I find myself coming up from that atramentous ground for a breath, I would get whacked back into it with that damn mallet and each time it would take longer for me to find my way back up again. Therefore, expanding time of being suffocated.  
But every time I get whacked, it would make me stronger. It builds my resistance and harden me to the harshness of life and it would make me want to prove that I can surpass and overcome this. No matter how many scars I may obtain or how bent out of shape I may be, I will arise standing tall and a better person than I started out to be.
So life, bring it on! I’m here with my boxing gloves on waiting for you to take the first swing, waiting to show you that no matter how hard you whack at me I will come out that hole every time like a freshly water seed breaking through its coat to turn into a beautiful daylily.

Stranger I Feel You

Tonight I was sick. Not the cold or flu kind of sick, but the kind of sick where I needed my dose of you. So I did what any naive girl would do; eventhough I know it was probably not a good idea. Eventhough I know when I read the words you would bleed across the keyboard as you type to expose the deepest parts of you, would hurt me the most. I still needed my dose of you. So I sat by my computer and drank every cork filled of bittersweet medicine hoping that one of them would cure my sickness. A sickness I call you.

I don’t know you and you don’t know me but when you talked about her I could do nothing more but feel. I wanted to yell so loud that you can hear me across the ocean that separates us “stranger I feel you!”

But then I thought “what good would that do?” You had obviously placed her so high on a pedestal that you can’t help but walk around with your head looking into the sky and not notice those around you.

But stranger I want you to know that there’s nothing you can do that would stop me from feeling for you.


Have you ever met someone that you know nothing about but they leave an impact on you, that even days later you’re still thinking about them? 

Well I have. This person don’t know me and nor have we ever saw or spoken to each other. I did find this person through this blog site but I don’t want to link his website becuase I don’t want him to think I’m stalkerish, cause I’m totally not. Before I continue this rampage, I want it to be known that no, I’m not crushing on him or anything like that. He writes about his life in his blog and the way he words his writing is what I find captivating.

Okay, so maybe I’m tinnie tiny bit crushing on him but I’m blaming that on my attraction on guys that are good with words. Don’t judge.

He has tons of followers so I’m sure I’m not the only female out there feeling the way I do. 

I had read one of his blog post I find the most captivating to my sisters but they are not like me. They do not find beauty in words that you know would touch your soul when you read it. But there was something in his writing that leaves me days later thinking. I hope that one day I be as a good writer as he is.  

Did this ever happen to you? 

Election 2016

The entire world is in uproar with the news of the 45th U.S. President, Donald Trump. All the immigrants are worried, wondering if they would have to pack up shop and leave and here I am not only an immigrant but also a Muslim. 

Am I worried? Hell yes!! 

But I say let’s give the man a chance, maybe he may prove that he is indeed what the Americans claim this country needs.

Is Disney Kids Friendly?

DisneySo, I’ve visited Disney Magic Kingdom in Florida twice now and I am shocked at what I saw.

The first time when I went, I did some research on what to wear and the whole process of what you can do when you get there and what to expect. Now I really did enjoyed myself both times. I went on a lot of rides and took countless amount of pictures; I even stayed to watch the fireworks later on in the night.

This blog however is not to criticize Disney itself but the people who goes there. 

So the first time I went there I got on on Disney’s official webpage and go through the rules, one of them was dress code. It clearly stated and I’ll quote it down below as well as the link; (click here for the link)

Inappropriate Attire 

Attire that is not appropriate for the parks—and which may result in refusal of admittance—includes but is not limited to:

  1. Costumes may not be worn by Guests 14 years of age or older
  2. Masks may not be worn by Guests 14 years of age or older (unless they are for medical purposes)
  3. Clothing with objectionable material, including obscene language or graphics
  4. Excessively torn clothing
  5. Clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment
  6. Clothing with multiple layers are subject to search upon entry
  7. Objectionable tattoos

Now I had no concerns on any of these rules except the one that I bold. I know by experience that during the summer Florida is hot so I’ll expect people to wear shorts and armless clothing. What I didn’t expect to see is big, grown ass women wearing really short crop tops, clothing that looked like a bra and shorts that are so short you can see the bottom of their butts.

And what suprised me more was that they were allowed into the park when it clearly stated that they can be refused to enter the park if they were dressed inappropriately. So Disney needs to look into the people who are letting these women into the park dressed like that.

I understand some women like to dress slutty but clearly Disney Magic Kingdom is not the place to go dressing like that.

Another thing that happened on both visit that I found surprising but I don’t know if there is a rule against it but clearly it should be, is the amount of PDAs. And I’m not taking about simple holding hands, hugging or a slight kiss here or there. I’m talking about couples who go there with no kids and are sucking faces in front of other children.

I remembered waiting in line with my niece to have her picture taken with the princesses and these two girls standing in front of us was full on kissing and holding onto each other like life depended on it. They didn’t even kiss once and that was it, it was happening every five minutes and it made me felt uncomfortable. The worst thing was there was no where else to look but at them and the line was a forty minute wait!

And then there was the time when we were in line for the tea cup and another couple was making out right there in the line. If you ever joined the line to the tea cup you would know that you can only stand one in front of the other, you can’t  stand together in a group so there was nowhere else to look. I even turned myself so I was backing them but every now and then I would have to look in their direction to move up in the line. 

I don’t know if these transgressions made me angry at the people because of my upbringing but I think if you want to go to Disney Magic Kindgom then you should dress appropriately and behave a sort of way when you know that 98% of the people there are small children.