It’s been a very long time since I wrote on my blog and recently all my blog posting seems to begin with this excuse. But I can’t seem to find a balance between my everyday life and blogging, so I decided to blog whenever I do have the time.

Today’s blog I decided to write about my dad. Now I love my dad, I really do but some people may think I wouldn’t because of his strict ways and all these rules he has when growing up. Regardless of that thought, he is the reason I am the person I am today and I wouldn’t change anything about my childhood. He may have made bad decisions in life but we are all human and we have to make mistakes to be a better person and learn from the wrongs we do in life. 

Now my dad is older than you would consider a dad to be with a child my age and he seems to become very grumpy and nosy as he ages. I don’t know how anyone else’s dad behaves but eveytime I sit by the computer to either edit the book I am writing or post a blog he would come and stand next to me and ask “what are you doing there?” 

For me to blog or  work on the book I’m writing, I have to be in a room by myself and I am not comfortable with people looking over my shoulder. So him doing that throws me off my game and kills the mood to blog. He is one of the many reasons why I am not on my blogging game but then again, maybe if I told him what I am actually doing maybe he would back off. Neither of my parents knows about my blogs nor the fact that I am writing a book yet so that can be a contributing factor.

 Does anyone father do this?