Is Christmas Coming Earlier this Year?

The smell of apples, cinnamon and vanilla in the air, the season of coldness making you have to bundle up to stay warm, chocolate, lights and jingle bells!!! I am super excited for Christmas. It is the only time of the year I love since moving in the U.S. where the spirit of the holiday is celebrated everywhere!!!

But I have to ask one question, Is Christmas coming earlier this year?

I know it is a stupid question since everyone, even a toddler, knows that Christmas is always on the 25th of December every  year, leap year or not. But everyone had started decorating for Christmas already and it’s not even December yet. My neighbor in front of my house started decorating the week before thanksgiving! And I’m looking around my neighborhood like “Is my calendar wrong?” Because to my suprise everyone had already decorate their house. Had I somehow missed a memo?

Then I remembered this scene from Gilmore Girls.
glimore girls Luke

And it’s not even 2 weeks before Christmas!! 

I specifically remembered till mid December last year was when everyone started to decorate. What changed this year? Can’t be the weather beacuse it’s Florida, our cold is not even that cold; it’s like sticking your head in the fridge.

I guess my house would be the only one to be decorated last in the neighbor.


Long overdue Thanksgiving Post

I know that most of my post is me saying how I have little time for my blog and me keep promising that I would try harder to make it my mission to get on top with my blogs, but I would find myself not having time! Gosh, I never realize how busy I am till I started this blog and that’s saying something because I have no job so….

Most of my time is actually taken up with my debut book, Never Forget You which I’m trying to finish before my parents get here for Christmas. I have about two-three chapters more for the book to be completed and I’m hoping to have it up on Amazon by Christmas to be pre-ordered. Yay!!! So please, please make sure to check it out when it’s published.

Okay so, Happy Late Thanksgiving!!!!

For some reason, I don’t know why, but I enjoyed this year’s thanksgiving more than the others that I had celebrated since moving to the U.S. five years ago. It was more jolly and everyone sat down, relaxed and had a great time. There was no witty comments against other family members and everyone chatted happily.

We had lots to eat and drink that I think I put on about 5 pounds that night alone but then that’s the point of Thanksgiving, right? Put on so much weight that you have to put off by Christmas or else your stuck with adding more weight by the time New year swing by. Probably that’s why almost everyone’s new year resolution is to lose weight? Hmm.. Never thought about it that way.

Anyways I just wanted to say Happy Late Thanksgiving and I hope yours was as enjoyable and delicious as mine. Comment down below and tell me what you did and if you had any family drama.

The Ant and the Grasshopper

I remembered when I was small my father would tell me this story about an ant and a grasshopper. At the time it was just another story he would tell us but growing up I came to realized that it had a deep meaning behind it. Sometime back I came across it and decided to share it with you. Tell me what you think the moral behind the story is.

The grasshopper and the ant

It all starts out when the grasshopper is dancing, playing his violin, and eating. After he sat on a mushroom, he got some water and started to eat a leaf. Then he noticed some ants working very hard to get ready for the cold winter. All he just did was laugh at those poor ants. 

Then he went to an ant who had his fruit cart stuck, and told him “the Good Book says ‘The Lord provides,’ there’s food on every tree. I see no reason to worry and work. No sir, not me! Oh, The World Owes Us a Livin’. Oh, The World Owes Us a Livin’. You shouldn’t soil your Sunday pants, like those other foolish ants. Come on, let’s play and sing and dance!”. 

And they did, but while they were doing that, the Queen ant came and saw one of her subjects playing instead of working. Once the ant noticed the queen, he started to go back to work. Then the Queen ant got mad at the grasshopper and warned him “You’ll change that tune when winter comes and the ground is covered with snow.” The grasshopper ignored the queen’s warning, saying “Oh, wintertime’s a long way off. You dance? Let’s go.”

Then when winter came, the grasshopper was looking for food. He found a leaf, but it blew away. He struggled and struggled, getting weaker from cold and hunger, until he looked into where the ants lived and noticed that they were having a wonderful feast and celebrating. He wanted to come in, so he knocked but he was frozen. When the ants heard the knock, they got the grasshopper and let him in. 

He was warmed up and saw the queen. She knew he was going to act like that, and the grasshopper tried to reason with her, “Oh madam queen, wisest of ants. Don’t throw me out. Please, give me a chance”. She just told him “With ants, just those who work may stay, so take your fiddle…”. When he was about to leave, the queen told him to play his violin and stay. 

He played the violin with a different song to sing as they all lived happily ever after in the ants’ home, “I owe the world a living! I owe the world a living! I’ve been a fool the whole year long and now I’m singing a different song! You were right and I was wrong!”…..  

Are you out there?

I lay countless times in my bed wondering if you are out there,

Are you with her thinking that she’s your one and only when my heart so desperately crave yours?     

You don’t know me yet, but everyday I get a glimpse of the live we would live and I swear, you are happier with me than you would ever be with her.

I know you don’t know me yet but I know for right now, I would love you enough to bide my time till your heart finds mine. 

And years from now, when we are old and grey watching our grandchildren laugh and play, we would look back at all the wasted time spent searching for each other with those faceless people and know it was all worth it. 

Because people would search lifetimes to find what we are destined to be together forever. 

So yes, I lay countless times in my bed wondering if you are out there and when are you going to find me.


Have you ever met someone that you know nothing about but they leave an impact on you, that even days later you’re still thinking about them? 

Well I have. This person don’t know me and nor have we ever saw or spoken to each other. I did find this person through this blog site but I don’t want to link his website becuase I don’t want him to think I’m stalkerish, cause I’m totally not. Before I continue this rampage, I want it to be known that no, I’m not crushing on him or anything like that. He writes about his life in his blog and the way he words his writing is what I find captivating.

Okay, so maybe I’m tinnie tiny bit crushing on him but I’m blaming that on my attraction on guys that are good with words. Don’t judge.

He has tons of followers so I’m sure I’m not the only female out there feeling the way I do. 

I had read one of his blog post I find the most captivating to my sisters but they are not like me. They do not find beauty in words that you know would touch your soul when you read it. But there was something in his writing that leaves me days later thinking. I hope that one day I be as a good writer as he is.  

Did this ever happen to you? 

Election 2016

The entire world is in uproar with the news of the 45th U.S. President, Donald Trump. All the immigrants are worried, wondering if they would have to pack up shop and leave and here I am not only an immigrant but also a Muslim. 

Am I worried? Hell yes!! 

But I say let’s give the man a chance, maybe he may prove that he is indeed what the Americans claim this country needs.

Is Disney Kids Friendly?

DisneySo, I’ve visited Disney Magic Kingdom in Florida twice now and I am shocked at what I saw.

The first time when I went, I did some research on what to wear and the whole process of what you can do when you get there and what to expect. Now I really did enjoyed myself both times. I went on a lot of rides and took countless amount of pictures; I even stayed to watch the fireworks later on in the night.

This blog however is not to criticize Disney itself but the people who goes there. 

So the first time I went there I got on on Disney’s official webpage and go through the rules, one of them was dress code. It clearly stated and I’ll quote it down below as well as the link; (click here for the link)

Inappropriate Attire 

Attire that is not appropriate for the parks—and which may result in refusal of admittance—includes but is not limited to:

  1. Costumes may not be worn by Guests 14 years of age or older
  2. Masks may not be worn by Guests 14 years of age or older (unless they are for medical purposes)
  3. Clothing with objectionable material, including obscene language or graphics
  4. Excessively torn clothing
  5. Clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment
  6. Clothing with multiple layers are subject to search upon entry
  7. Objectionable tattoos

Now I had no concerns on any of these rules except the one that I bold. I know by experience that during the summer Florida is hot so I’ll expect people to wear shorts and armless clothing. What I didn’t expect to see is big, grown ass women wearing really short crop tops, clothing that looked like a bra and shorts that are so short you can see the bottom of their butts.

And what suprised me more was that they were allowed into the park when it clearly stated that they can be refused to enter the park if they were dressed inappropriately. So Disney needs to look into the people who are letting these women into the park dressed like that.

I understand some women like to dress slutty but clearly Disney Magic Kingdom is not the place to go dressing like that.

Another thing that happened on both visit that I found surprising but I don’t know if there is a rule against it but clearly it should be, is the amount of PDAs. And I’m not taking about simple holding hands, hugging or a slight kiss here or there. I’m talking about couples who go there with no kids and are sucking faces in front of other children.

I remembered waiting in line with my niece to have her picture taken with the princesses and these two girls standing in front of us was full on kissing and holding onto each other like life depended on it. They didn’t even kiss once and that was it, it was happening every five minutes and it made me felt uncomfortable. The worst thing was there was no where else to look but at them and the line was a forty minute wait!

And then there was the time when we were in line for the tea cup and another couple was making out right there in the line. If you ever joined the line to the tea cup you would know that you can only stand one in front of the other, you can’t  stand together in a group so there was nowhere else to look. I even turned myself so I was backing them but every now and then I would have to look in their direction to move up in the line. 

I don’t know if these transgressions made me angry at the people because of my upbringing but I think if you want to go to Disney Magic Kindgom then you should dress appropriately and behave a sort of way when you know that 98% of the people there are small children. 

Family vs. Strangers

I don’t know about anyone else but am I the only one who feel as though strangers would treat you better than your own family members would? 

I don’t know if maybe it’s because they do not dwell with you as much as your family would, so they are not tired of having to put up with your nonsense or what it is. But everywhere I go and if I make friends with a stranger that stranger would be so kind and giving.

Am I the only one in a family like that?

Random Topics

I have not written anything on this blog for what feels like a very long time, I had somehow neglected it without even realizing it. I was busy with Halloween, Diwali, writing my debut Book, my other Blog and Life. I just had to make it my priority today to sit and write something down. So I thought to myself, why not do like an update on what’s going on in my life? Not sure if anyone out there is interested in knowing but I’m hoping atleast one person is reading this. 


For those who don’t know what that is, Diwali also known as Deepavali is an Hindu/Indian celebration of light over darkness. It is said that this is the darkest night and we light diyas, candles, fairy lights, some people do fireworks or like back in my hometown Guyana, they spin steel wool. There’s a whole religious reason behind this event but basically you light lights leading into your home to welcome the Hindu Goddness Lakshmi in.

On this day, you would do a no meat fast and usually clean your house and cook the various sweet meats like mettai,sweet rice, peda and also a lot of people cook the popular indian 7 curry. I don’t know about anyone else but we would wake up early and make an offering to the gods and pray.

This year like last year, we had a conundrum of what date Diwali actually was. Some said the 29th some the 30th of October, but we celebrated it on the 30th. Some Hindus usually keep this lightning of the diyas for 5 days. 



If you don’t know what Halloween is, then you need to come out of that rock you’re living under. I don’t know if I mentioned this on this blog or my other blog but usually on Halloween I would DIY my decors but this year I DIY my custome as well as my other two sister’s costumes. So I was busy with that. I also DIY a projector with a magnifiyign glass and it worked superb when I tried it in the house. So imagine how annoyed I was when it got dark out and I was about to project Halloween videos to my house and the neighbor in fornt of my house turned on a very bright sensor light in fornt of her house then left.

Urghh!!! Her light from her sensor was so bright that it totally ruin my projection and I didn’t get to use it. Then she came home till after 9 when no one was trick or treating anymore. So I wasn’t going to ask her if she can turn it off, still I am disappointed unto today that I didn’t get to use it.

My Debut Book

You do not know how excited I am that I am past 50% of writing this book. I do not have a release date yet since I am self publishing this book and I am taking my time writing it. I don’t want to rush it and then I get a lot of negative critique on it. 

I am very nervous to get my book out there becuase there’s this little voice in my mind telling me that people may not like it and I know I put 100% effort into writing it. I hope that it doesn’t break my mind in writing any other future books which I am hoping to write. But I guess I wouldn’t know till it gets publish.

I did publish my prologue in this blog but if you want to read it you can click on this link, Prologue for Never Forget Youand it should take you to that page.

I guess that’s all for now, thank you for reading my blog and please make sure to visit my book blog, Farzanna’s Book Blog and keep reading this blog posts for updates on my book.