Hurricane Mathew

As I sit here typing this blog, the sound of the wind howling and rain beating down the rooftop is heard no matter where in the house I am. This is my first hurricane in Florida that I bare witness to and I hope that I can finish this blog before I lose internet connection or power failure.

I will admit I am kind of scared but at the same time I find it relaxing to hear the storm raging outside. I am the kind of girl who likes the sound of thunder, rain and wind but right now, with the sound that the wind is making, I am beginning to think there is a limit to the sound of a storm that I find relaxing.

There was a warning that went out yesterday by some government official in Florida saying to stay away from all windows in the house. And I sat there wondering where in my house can I go that have no windows? You see every room in my house have windows, even the bathroom. So I have to hope and pray that no debris is flying in the air that may come crashing into it.

 Earlier this year, some people from different companies who cuts the branches off big trees came by and told us that the trees in front my house needs trimming. They said that if there is a hurricane, the tree branches may come crashing through the window; and one of that tree is directly where my bed is placed in my room. There is also a window above my bed, scared you ask? Hell yes! I spent the entire night tossing and turning, listening to every noise hoping that none of them is the tree bulldozing itself into my room.

You may ask why didn’t we get the tree trim? Well I am currently renting the house I am staying in and it is the responsibility of the landlady to look after such things but she claimed that she does not have money to look after that right now. At that time I was like, okay whatever, it’s her house, the trees are damaging her roof. But now I fully regret not pushing her on the matter 

Aside from the trees, we also had different roofing companies come by and said our roof needs redoing, that from when they were doing our neighbor’s roof, they could see some shingles are missing.  I have to admit I personally haven’t told the landlady about this because she refused to trim the trees and I know she wouldn’t do the roof because roofing is more expensive than trimming trees. And if she can’t afford the trees, then she definitely can’t do the roof.

You may also ask why not move out? The answer is simple, this is all I can afford.

My sisters and I were talking, how on times like this, when there is a hurricane or some sort of natural disaster; then is when you truly know who is your real family or friend. I have an older sister living a block away and we knew that the hurricane was coming for sometime but she called us on Wednesday to find out if we were prepared. Let me tell you by Wednesday all stores were SOLD OUT. What did she expect us to go and buy?  Don’t get me wrong, I am greatful that she called to find out about us. 

One of my sister who is living with me, babysits and her boss lady ask us to stay with her through out the hurricane. She said that God forbid something is to happen, we atleast have each other to rely on. This lady owes us nothing and is not related whatsoever to us but is willing to open her doors for us during this time. We ended up declining her offer because it is pouring rain and the wind is blowing so strong that we don’t feel comfortable with her driving in such weather. Aside from the weather conditions , she also have 3 kids relying on her and we don’t want to put her in harm’s way.

This being my first hurricane, I feel very unprepared and from the news I see so many disasters happening throughout Florida and I hoped that the area where I am living do not go through the same. The meteorologist said it supposed to pass through where I am living by 5 this afternoon and I can see the clouds begin to darken even more. 

Let’s just pray together that Florida gets through this better than what I see the Bahamas and Haiti went through. 



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